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Rick Mask

Rick is the founder and CEO of Visual Lease Services, Inc. The company was founded in 1996 and is based in Holdenville, OK. Rick began his career in the appraisal business as teenager when he began working for his father. Glenn E. Mask founded GEM Surveys in 1958 and contracted with numerous local governments in Michigan and Oklahoma to do mapping and real and personal property revaluations. Rick learned all aspects of the appraisal business. In 1980 Rick and his father formed a partnership called Glenn E. Mask and Associates. In 1986, Rick became the sole proprietor of the business.

Based upon his experiences in the appraisal business and the change in the law which allowed valuation of oil and gas properties at the local level, Rick developed the concept for Visual Lease Services, Inc.

The company was founded in 1996. Visual Lease Services, Inc. (VLS) is a multi-faceted corporation primarily engaged in appraisal and discovery of oil and gas related properties and telecommunications properties. The company contracts to provide lease evaluation, real estate appraisal, cadastral mapping, consulting services, Global Positioning System (GPS) and Geographical Information System (GIS) services, lease dataset, web page design, and is an Internet service provider.

Rick has more than forty-six years of experience in comprehensive real-estate revaluation of governmental entities in various states. His public relations experience concerning revaluation programs involves, but is not limited to, newspaper articles, speaking engagements and television interviews.

He has instructed assessors' office personnel on all levels of implementation of revaluation. Also, he has provided instruction to assessor staff appraisers on appraisal theory and procedure of agricultural, residential, commercial and industrial appraisals. He has developed internal and external ratio studies, identification and analysis.

Rick has developed sales market data files, collection, identification, correlation and analysis. Additionally, he has provided instruction on examination of ownership records and descriptions.

He initiated development of pricing manuals for various properties and defended values of revaluation and all supporting data to County Boards' of Equalization.

Annually, he schedules Informal hearings with taxpayers and representatives regarding values. He is classified as an expert witness in district court on real estate valuations.

As a cartographer, he performs land analysis from visual inspection and aerial photography.

His skills also include more than 44 years of supervision and management experience.